Beaumont Hotel

Drawing of the Beaumont Hotel
Picture by Becky Harmon

The Beaumont has always brought tourists to Ouray. It brings them here because it is a beautiful unique hotel. It has a glass atrium in the lobby. Balconies from the upper stories surround the lobby area underneath this atrium. The grand stairs in the lobby look like the staircase in the Titanic. The bricks in the building are local, they came from Francis Carney’s brick yard. The hotel is 120 years old. Five men built it:

  • D.C. Hartwell
  • William Weston
  • John M. Jardine
  • Hubbard Reed
  • Thomas Gibson

They built it to draw wealthy investors to Ouray to invest in mining. There were also many important people who stayed there while visiting Ouray. There were special events and parties galore. In 1964, it was sold to Wayland Phillips. She closed the hotel in 1967 because she had a disagreement with the city over parking on the city streets.


The Beaumont Hotel
Picture by Guadalupe Contreras-Vasquez
While it was closed, the Beaumont’s roof in the dinning room fell because of a snowstorm. In 1998, after being boarded up for 40 years, Dan and Mary King purchased the hotel. They spent millions renovating it and restoring its splendor. It has been recognized with many awards. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It received the Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation for the State of Colorado in 2003, as well as the National Preservation Award. Finally, it received the First Inaugural Presidential Preserve America Award in 2004. The Beaumont is still a vibrant and beautiful hotel that continues to bring people to Ouray.

by Malori Trujillo and Taylor Hartlein

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