City Hall

Drawing of City Hall
Picture by Henry Purvis

The town was hoping that Ouray would have a City Hall. Before 1900, the city rented space for offices. Francis Carney built a one story building made of brick and stone with a jail in the basement and offices on the main floor. Tom Walsh paid to add another story for the library. It was designed to look like Independence Hall in Philadelphia. In 1901 the grand opening happened. Tom Walsh threw a huge party to celebrate. One hundred thirty six guests came including many important people from Denver. A fire happened in 1950 and destroyed the whole City Hall. A new building opened after 3 years of volunteers rebuilding the destroyed City Hall. The new building was not as beautiful. By 1988 historic restoration was done and they made the building look as it was before the fire happened. The City Hall is important to Ouray history.

by Henry Purvis and Ty Edder

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