The Court House
Picture by Julia Vann

The Ouray County Court House helps Ouray do its county business. Beginning in 1877, Ouray County rented many spaces for county business. Abram Cutler was the first judge. After a long wait, a courthouse was built in 1888 by Francis Carney. He used bricks from his brickyard. They laid a cornerstone full of precious coins, 2 newspapers, and a metal picture of Chief Ouray. The old wooden jail burned down twice, so Ouray needed a better jail. They built a solid stone jail behind the new courthouse. The jail was used for 76 years. Part of the True Grit movie was filmed in 1969 inside the courthouse room.


Drawing of the Court House
Picture by Sarrah Richmond
The jail closed in 1979. The federal government said it wasn’t up to standards so prisoners must be taken to Montrose. The Courthouse has always helped Ouray County.

by Shiyan Norris and Sarrah Richmond

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