Fellin Park

Fellin Park
Picture by Malori Trujillo

The Fellin family has left a huge landmark in Ouray County. Joseph Fellin came to America in 1892 from Revo, Austria. In 1902, Josephs’s sons, Sam, Oliver, and Angelo Fellin arrived. They went to school until they were in fourth grade. They quit because their father Joseph could not pay for things so they started to work. All of them had a job. In the early 1900’s, Oliver bought mules and began a freighting business. Some of Oliver’s mule trails were made into the first roads. The Fellins changed their mode of freighting to keep pace with the changing times. They were some of the first people to have four wheel drive.


Drawing of cart and vendor in Fellin Park
Picture by Tanner Trujillo
In 1924 Oliver Fellin donated the Ouray Hot Springs Park to the city of Ouray. He said, “If you give me $1.00, I will let you keep the land for 99 years.” From 1935-1960 (most of Oliver’s life) he jumped into a vehicle and delivered mail to the Camp bird mine each day. The park was the landmark given to Ouray County by the Fellin family.

by Tanner and Malori Trujillo

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