Galloping Goose

The Galloping Goose
Picture by Orlando Rascon

The Galloping Goose replaced the trains with smaller and cheaper vehicles that go on tracks. The Rio Grand started to make Galloping Geese, because the railroad was losing money. Trains cost too much to operate. Galloping Geese were cheaper to run. From 1931-1952 Jack Odenbaugh made them all in Ridgway. He cut a Buick in half and added an open truck back on railroad wheels. It changed over time to protect mail and to carry more people. Jack Odenbaugh made seven motorcars in all.


Drawing of the Galloping Goose
Picture by Orlando Rascon
The last ones were used for tourists in order to make money for the railroad. The last goose ran in 1952. They lost the mail contract and had to close down. The Galloping Goose was important to Ouray county history.

by Orlando Rascon and Nate Fedel

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