Hot Springs Pool

Drawing of the exterior of the Hot Springs Pool
Picture by Sam Rondinelli

Tourists have always been attracted to the hot springs pool. In the 1880’s Francis Carney built a brickyard where the pool is now. In the 1920’s a group of citizens gathered together to discuss a pool that would attract tourists. By the time 1924, the City of Ouray inherited alligators, which they put in the fishpond to attract tourists. In 1926, the hot springs pool was built. It was 250 feet long by 150 feet wide. They didn’t have enough hot water to fill it. So, volunteers built a ditch from Box Canyon to the hot springs pool to have enough hot water. In 1927, the hot springs was finally opened. In 1929, a flood came and the pool was filled with mud. Volunteers cleaned it out. As of 1973 the bathhouse was replaced with a new one. Today tourists are still attracted to the hot springs pool.

by Cruz Berrisford and Sam Rondinelli


Drawing of the pool area
Picture by Cruz Berrisford
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