Newspapers of Ouray County

Drawing of a newspaper building
Picture by Julia Vann

The Ouray newspaper has gone through many owners over the past 129 years. The first newspaper to open in Ouray in 1877 was named the Ouray Times. Henry Ripley owned it. The San Juan Sentinel opened in 1878, but the Ouray Times put them out of business after only one year. The third paper to open was the Solid Muldoon in 1879. It was started by Dave Day, a very witty, intelligent man. His newspaper was a big success and was read all over the State of Colorado. He would criticize people and tell tall tales to get people to read his paper. The Ouray Times and the Solid Muldoon battled for years trying to put each other out of business. In 1892, the Ouray Times became The Plaindealer. Both Dave Day and Henry Ripley were out of the newspaper business in Ouray by then. In 1913, the Plaindealer joined with the Ouray Herald, another paper, and the name Plaindealer was dropped. Until 1967, the Ouray Herald was owned by several different owners. At that time, it was bought by the Plaindealer Corporation and the named changed back to the Ouray County Plaindealer two years later. The Ridgway Sun was revived by Joyce Jorgenson in 1980. The Plaindealer has had many names, but it is the oldest and last surviving newspaper in Ouray County.

by Julia Vann

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