Presbyterian Church

The Ouray Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church is the oldest church in Ouray. At the time of 1877 their church was built. The building was a large, white, wooden building. The entrance was a tower that had 3 windows. There was also a cross on top of the tower. It had an arch shaped door. In 1883, the church was placed for sale because of unpaid bills. Presbyterians lost their church. In 1884, the Catholics bought the church. When it was 1887, The First Presbyterian Church was reorganized. In 1889 the new Presbyterian Church was built. It is a large white building with a tower that has a cross on it. The roof is red. The inside has a wood floor with a red carpet in between the benches. There is a red stage with a tall skinny desk on it. The desk has a cross on it. The Presbyterian church is a vital church to Ouray’s history.

by John Michael Patterson

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