Saint Daniels Church

The Saint Daniels Church in Ouray
Picture by Michael Stovicek

The history of the Catholic Church is important because from the very beginning miners and their families needed a church. As of 1884, the Presbyterians did not pay their debt on the building, so the Catholic Church bought the Presbyterian’s church and paid the debt. The new church was named St. Patrick’s. From 1884 to 1886 Father Lay was pastor. In 1886, Father Lawrence Hilton replaced Father Lay. In 1888 Father Gibbons took over until 1892. He rode a horse from town to town to offer services. He was friends with poor and rich alike. In 1954 the parish was getting bigger. They needed a new church. They sawed the church in half and brought it to Nucla, where it is still used today. A new church was built and named St. Daniels for Mrs. Daniels who donated $10,000 for the new church. St. Daniels has always been a great place to go to church.

by Michael Stovicek and Caleb Preston

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