Teachers' Note

The third and fourth grade students of Ouray School and their teachers worked hard to produce this book. We took over 20 field trips around Ouray County to learn first-hand why our history is so special! Many people helped to bring Ouray History to life for us. We are deeply indebted to all of them.

Based on what we learned, we worked in small groups to produce the historic writings in this book. We read lots of historic text to learn more information about our topics. This was not easy, since very little is written for students of these ages. Then, we pulled out the important details about who, what, where, when, and why. After we had this broad picture, we created timelines of our topics to put the story in order. Then, we wrote a plan for our paragraphs, working especially hard on our topic sentences. Finally, we spent a lot of time typing our work. We found lots to edit and revise, so we went back again and again to polish our writing and make it reflect all we had learned.

Concurrently, Mrs. Lizzio, our art teacher, helped students to create the artwork for the book. Fourth grade students took digital pictures of our topics to give a modern perspective. The Ouray County Historical Society researched its archives to send us copies of some historic pictures. We hope that these illustrations will bring the text to life and provide a bigger picture of our knowledge.
We learned so much about the history of our very special county. Students are very proud of our history and want to help preserve it.

Jenny Hart
Carol Turner
Melissa McKay

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