The Ouray Depot

The Ouray Depot
Courtesy of the Ouray Historical Society

The Ouray Depot changed Ouray in many different ways. Before trains, the people had to walk, ride carriages and use wagons. Food was expensive. Mining was expensive and it was difficult to get ore to the mills. Mules had to carry ore 200 miles to travel to the nearest mill in Alamosa, Colorado. In the year 1888, the depot was built in Ouray. The trains made it quicker to travel and less expensive to buy food, fuel, and furniture. It made mining cheaper because it was less expensive to ship the ore. Ridgway became a train town when the railroads arrived. The arrival of the train changed people’s lives forever. By 1913 the Ridgway railroad was losing money, so they built the first Galloping Goose- a motorcar that runs on tracks. Sadly the depot burnt down in 1948 from an electricity short. By 1952, the Galloping Goose’s contract to deliver U.S. mail ended.


Drawing of the Ouray Depot
Picture by Ryan Kolowich
They tried to make money by having tourists ride the Galloping Goose, but it was losing too much money. In 1953, the last train left Ouray. It was cheaper & easier to use cars & trucks on new highways. As of 1977, they pulled the tracks up in Ouray. The Depot changed Ouray history forever.

by Ryan Kolowich and Kori Williams

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