Victorian Era

A Victorian style house
Picture by Rubea Mahan

Many Victorian homes are named for Queen Victoria of England and were here in early Ouray. First, during the mid 1880’s, the Louis King house was built. It was the first Victorian house to be built in Ouray. It was built before Victorian houses were popular. Most Victorian houses have balconies, stained glass, extensive porches, brackets, patterned shingles, ginger bread, spindle work, columns, turrets, and the shape is asymmetrical. In 1891, The W.W. Ashley house was built. This lavish house is located at 505 4th street. The Ashley house has beautiful details on the porch, lots of gingerbread all around the house, and an eyebrow porch. In 1894 another astonishing home was built.


Drawing of a Victorian style house
Picture by Rubea Mahan
The name is Hurlburt house. Hurlburt struck it rich in the Bachelor Mine. The Hurlburt house has a rounded porch and beautiful spindle work. Next, another elaborate house was built. The name was the Story house. The Story house is located at 342 7th Avenue. The Story house has a bay window, four tiled fireplaces, and decorative details on the front porch. Finally, the Tanner house was built in 1901. It has gorgeous cherry woodwork all over the house, a semi-circular bay with windows of curved glass, and three stained glass windows. We are so lucky that these beautiful houses are still standing today.

by Rubea Mahan and Julia Vann

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